2-3 Day Hikes

1. Lichenya Plateau

Peer down the 21km long walk into the breath-taking Crater and explore the most expansive grasslands and forests of Mulanje mountain conquering an altitude of 1,700m. You will spend a night at Lichenya hut.

2. Nandalanda Peak

This 19km long walk takes you through peaks, falls and pools with steep slabs and scrambles making you conquer a 1,800m altitude. Spending a night at Thuchila hut. Alternatives to this peak are Khuto or Dzole Peaks.

3. Chagaru Peak

Negotiate the gully and cave to reach this ragged peak after a 25km walk and conquering an altitude of 2,100m. You will spend your night at Chinzama hut. An alternative to this peak is Chinzama Peak.

4. Namasile Peak

This 16km long walk with an altitude of 1,800m has a superb panoramic view, and is one of Mulanje’s most accessible peaks. You will spend your night at Sombani hut. Alternatives to this peak are Matambale, Masasa and Litakala Peaks.

5. Manene Peak

This 24km long walk with an altitudes of 2,100m makes you peer into Mozambique from Manene at the end of Mulanje horseshoe. The spectacular Madzeka falls maybe Mulanje’s finest. You will spend a night at Madzeka hut.

6. Chambe Peak

This 33km long hike takes you to an altitude of 2,500m after straddling the megalithic Chambe with a mighty steep scramble. You may spend a night at Chambe or France’s huts. It is one of the most difficult climbs on the mountain.