3 Days Hikes

1. Sapitwa Peak from Thuchila

This 24km hike is an outstanding direct route to Sapitwa, Mulanje’s highest peak with an altitude of 2,300m. You will spend 2 nights at Chisepo and Thuchila huts after stunning views of several peaks, falls and pools. Alternative peak to this is the Nakodzwe Peak.

2. Sapitwa Peak from Likhubula

Take in the Chambe basin on the way to the highest peak of Sapitwa after a 31km long walk and conquering 2,600m with great views of several peaks, falls and pools. You will sleep at Chisepo, Chambe or France’s huts. Nakodzwe Peak is an alternative.


3. Sapitwa Peak on Crater Path

Brave the Crater path to Lichenya and the rarely-trodden Scorpion route to Sapitwa Peak after a 41km hike conquering 2,500m altitude. You will spend your nights at Lichenya hut after enjoying stunning views of other peaks and pools.