4-5 Days Hikes

1. The Ruo Loop

Conquer the scrambly peaks, spectacular waterfalls and stunning pools which the Ruo Loop has after a 36km of hiking and conquer a 2,500m altitude. Taking you 3 nights on 4 days you will be able to take long rests by spending your nights at Madzeka, Chinzama and Minunu huts.

2. The Grand Traverse

An epic trek that crosses the full length of Mulanje and touches Sapitwa, its highest point. Great vies of peaks, falls and pools after a 53km long walk and achieving an altitude of 3,000m. You will be able to spend your nights at Lichenya, Chisepo, Thuchila, Chinzama and Sombani huts. Alternative to this is the Grand Circuit.