We have three curated group expeditions meant to be explored by like minded people who wish to
enrich their experiences spiced up with safari trips, lake and mountain visits and home stays.
On the trips you will naturally be able to challenge yourself regards to team building and develop
meaningful friendships long even after the tour has ended.  Everything is pre-arranged with no
worries about planning things like accommodation, sightseeing and possibly where to eat or what to
see and do. Rates will vary according to group numbers.

Study trips are generally meant for students or group of youths who before pursuing their careers in life wish to enjoy a gap year and have fun while building their characters at the same time. School holidays and gap years are ideal times for this expedition. Groups on this expedition will be involved in various new activities and experiences that will help them gain life experiences. Investing time in your well-being and broadening your
perspective through taking a break from your traditional jobs and academia has always been considered vital in career building and self-discovery. Enjoy this group trip spiced up with safari tours, lake and mountain adventures while understanding deeply the communities across the far corners of Malawi with our support.

Trip duration: 7-10 days

If you are that traveler who would love to make an impact in the environment, the communities and lives of new people you come across and be remembered forever, this expedition is for you. This kind of trip involves like-minded people who wish to enjoy their experiences and have
great memories through supporting or teaching while learning more from the local communities. There are various projects you can involve yourself in and just to mention a few:

  • Environmental sustainability and conservation.
  • Entrepreneurship and local business coaching and if not enough sponsor a small-
    scale business. The whole idea is to teach self-sustainability centrally to aid giving.
  • Educational support which may come in forms of building or maintaining a learning
    infrastructure foe a chosen school, support with learning materials, build a library
    and even sponsor needy students for a certain period.
  • Health and hygiene projects in rural areas. Disease prevention and give
    malnutritional support to the needy families while educating them about self-care
    and sustainability.
  • Modern agriculture techniques and food security in the local communities.
    Making a positive impact in the places and communities you travel to can be
    considered as part your trip’s DNA on this expedition. Spice up on this trip is a safari
    tour and visits to some of Malawi’s top destinations.

Trip duration: 7-10 Days.

Do you wish to touch Africa’s warm heart by enjoying home stay experience for a single night or more? Look no further and immerse yourself into the African Art and cultural visits and have all your African misconceptions answered by yourself during this expedition.

Activities on this trip involve learning about:

    • Family types, community life and sharing.
    • Cultural dances, story telling and sampling local arts.
    • Domestic farming, rural housing, local tools, fire making and food preparation.
    • Local trade and community survival.
    • Local vegetation, preservation methods and day today house hold chores for both genders.
    • Local and community leadership roles, rituals and ceremonies just to mention some.

Travel to some of Malawi’s top destinations, enjoy home stays combined with safaris.

Trip duration: 7-10 Days.