Mumbo Island is a 40-minute boat ride from the mainland. Let it take you away from modern distractions, mobile phones and normal hectic life. Instead, enjoy walks on the white sandy beach, a glass of good wine as the sun sets, and crystal clear blue water- where you don’t even need a snorkel mask to see the fish! Take a good book or kayak round the island and simply enjoy the rustic nature of the island and the stunning views.



Mumbo Island, Cape Maclear


5 en-suite water facing eco-friendly safari tents & 1 family unit in the forest

Good for

Rustic island paradise and digital detoxing!

Children Welcome

Yes. Of all ages


End of Feb – mid Jan

Ideal Length of Stay

2-3 nights






If you have ever dreamed of a private island with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, Mumbo will perfectly fulfil this dream. The views, simply put, are stunning. The chalets are perched atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the blue lake and you can see the small colourful cichlid fish from your room! Whilst the rooms are rustic with a focus on eco-friendly construction, you have your own Robinson Crusoe style chalet with a comfy bed, en-suite bathroom with bucket shower and long drop loos. All in all, the perfect island escape!

Mumbo is THE spot to snorkel on the lake. With crystal clear water you barely need a mask to see the colourful fish. Lake Malawi is home to over 500 species of endemic Cichlid fish and whilst it may not be the ocean, Lake Malawi has a very healthy population of fish which make for a unique snorkeling experience! Take the snorkeling masks to explore the rocky realms around the island and in the protected bay to see the amazing freshwater fish for yourselves!

In a roundabout turn of events from lodges desperately trying to have internet and cell signal for their clients, a new trend has emerged for places where you can digitally detox. Get away from beeping phones, endless emails and the monotonous scroll of social media on your island paradise with no signal and no Wi-Fi, in fact, there is no electricity! But don’t let that put you off… Eat dinner under bright stars and candlelight, watch fish eagles as they swoop in to catch fish, kayak around the island looking for otters and spend quality time with your loved ones away from modern distractions.