There is nothing quite thrilling like standing at the top of a mountain, with the clouds and the rest of the world stretched out below you. The exhalation of completing a difficult climb, the camaraderie of your new climbing friends, the knowledge that you have done something that few other people do, and the feeling that you are truly at the top of the world. It is no wonder that once people start climbing mountains, they never want to stop. Though undeniably exciting, mountain climbing trips require a level of advanced preparation and physical fitness that few other types of travel can equal. This said, to experience a thrilling hike or long walk, there is a need for such natural and beautiful physical features or landscapes that should give you the pleasure and beauty you want to see after burning your calories in the course of the long walks and climbs. Mulanje Mountain does have it all!


The Mulanje Mountain also known as the Mulanje Massif is in Southern Malawi and is only 65km east of Blantyre city rising sharply from the surrounding plains of Phalombe, and the tea-growing Mulanje Districts. It measures approximately 13×16 miles (22×26 kilometers) and has a maximum elevation of 3,002 m and its highest point –Sapitwa Peak is the target of many visitors to the mountain though there are many interesting peaks to explore.

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It is the highest peak in South-Central Africa. It is a huge, isolated massif with 20 peaks of more than 2,500m rising out of a disjointed plateau. A great impression of impregnability is given by its precipitous flanks which rise abruptly from the flat plain below. The west face of Chambe offers the longest rock climb in the whole of Africa – 1,700m of sheer cliff.

Mulanje Mountain is the best known and most popular mountain area in Malawi and world over also having been featured in the National Geographic pictorial book “100 HIKES OF A LIFE TIME” written by Kate Siber and originally published in 2020. The book depicts the world’s ultimate Scenic trails.

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The peaks are steep and rocky, and range in difficulty from moderate hikes to technical scrambles. There are 10 huts on the mountain that provide shelter for all hikers, and several well-marked trails up to the plateau and between the huts. Local porters and guides are found within the surrounding villages. The best time to visit/trek Mount Mulanje is from mid-April to the end of September. October and November are the hottest and haziest months, becoming cooler and clearer as the rains move in from December to March.

Night frost can be expected from May to August when day temperatures are pleasantly cool. During this period a thick, wet mist known locally as Chiperoni occasionally envelops the whole massif for one to five days. Navigation in Chiperoni can be particularly difficult. A sleeping bag is advisable all year-ro


Excursion during the rainy season are feasible though extra precautions should be taken. The granite slabs on the peak are wonderful to walk up in dry condition but can become treacherously slippery when wet. It is advisable to carry a rope in the rainy season as streams can become raging torrents after a heavy downpour and only a rope will get you safely across.

Mount Mulanje supports a range of unique ecosystems, a great diversity of endemic plants and animals, and provides some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. The mountain environment dominates the lives and livelihoods of the surrounding communities, and there are fascinating spiritual beliefs associated with the mountain.

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Tried by others and our team, below are a number of hiking tours that we together with some experienced hikers, guides and porters have put in place for your wide selection according to your energy levels, experience, time constraints and most importantly budgets.

We have put in place short walks and hikes that take you just about 2 hours or more, long day hikes that take you to over 8 hours, some between 2 to 5 days for yours desired experience during your short or long stay in Malawi. Hike Mulanje with our warm support!