The Zomba plateau also called the Zomba Massif is a mountain of the Shire Highlands in Southern Malawi. A very unique slab of mountain standing at 1,800m and with peaks topping 2,000m. It has vast tracts of cedar, pine and cypress and with wild and mixed vegetation on some areas occupying 130 square km. The plateau is crisscrossed by streams and there are tumbling waterfalls and still lakes on it. There are tracks and roads right on the plateau that give access to view points. The beautiful sceneries it gives were once nicknamed “the best views in the British Empire” during the colonial times. The plateau is accessible by car or local transports from the Zomba Town (The old capital city of Malawi) and when you get to the top you can enjoy a lot of walking, hiking, trekking and visiting most historical spots. Most famous sites are the Williams falls, the Queens View which was names after Queen Elizabeth’s visit in 1957, the Emperor’s View where Haile Selasie visited in 1965, and the historical Chigwe’s Hole which offers a beautiful sunset. Accommodation of all levels is available for those wishing to stay on the plateau for one or a couple of nights. The plateau is also a home of wildlife including baboons, birds and giant butterflies and leopards although sightings are rare.

For those with a lot of energy you can hike the plateau right from the Zomba town using the Potato Path which is the most popular and direct route all the way to the plateau top near the Ku Chawe Hotel for just about 45minitues of walking.

Besides just hiking and walking, activities such as Horse riding, Fishing and cycling can also be enjoyed on the plateau or admire the colonial architecture on your general visit to Zomba city.  Want to visit Zomba? CONTACT US